2020 - 2023

" ‘SUMP-PLUS’ is a three-year RIA, designed to address urban mobility related challenges and to exploit new opportunities, by developing a strong, rigorous evidence base through a co-created City Laboratories approach (to be demonstrated in different EU cities) building on the strengths of the existing SUMPs and SULPs. SUMP-PLUS will develop and apply transition pathways towards more sustainable cities taking into account the need to establish stronger links with other urban system components.

It has 4 primary policy objectives:
1. To develop and apply a set of context-specific mobility transformation pathways that will enable cities to map out a practical implementation pathway.
2. To demonstrate how cities can develop stronger links with other urban system components (education, health, retail, land use planning, etc.) - while taking into account disruptive technological and contextual developments - so that urban mobility and accessibility can be delivered more comprehensively, efficiently and effectively.
3. To identify new solutions that will increase efficiency and sustainability, in both the freight and passenger sectors.
4. To identify and demonstrate new partnerships and business models that enable various mobility objectives to be met cost-effectively through appropriate public/private sector partnerships

These objectives will be met and demonstrated through a programme of trials and comprehensive evaluation, in six co-created City Laboratories. " (Info directly from SUMP PLUS)