RELIEF - European research project on green procurement

Environmental relief potential of urban action on avoidance and detoxification of waste streams through green public procurement

2001 - 2003

The RELIEF project demonstrated for the first time the environmental relief potential of green public procurement in the European Union - i.e. what environmental benefits could be achieved if European public authorities were to procure green products, services and works.

The project developed a methodology to analyse and quantify the environmental relief potential, market conditions, economic costs and benefits for the following product groups/services: electricity, food, buses, computers and sanitary devices.

The project was coordinated by ICLEI's European Secretariat and was carried out over three years (from 2001 to 2003). The RELIEF results have formed the basis for the development of the Sustainable Procurement Campaign, Procura+, and published the first edition of the Procura+ Manual.

Funded under the 5th Framework Programme, Key action “City of Tomorrow and Cultural Heritage”, EC-DG Research