Reference Framework for European Sustainable Cities

2012 - 2014

RFSC helps key city actors develop and implement plans and strategies for attractive and sustainable cities, hence its name, the Reference Framework for Sustainable Cities. This online European framework of 30 sustainable objectives supports the delivery of the Leipzig Charter and of the European common vision for sustainable cities. Its agenda: fostering integrated urban development for small, medium and big cities all across Europe. 

A consortium of Platform31, ICLEI and CEMR was contracted by the European Commission to support the dissemination of the Reference Framework of European Sustainable Cities. The main objective of the dissemination phase was to make cities aware of the availability of the RFSC and opportunities it offers to them. Building up on the results of the earlier testing phase, a number of activities were carried out to promote the use of the RFSC, including set-up and operation of the RFSC helpdesk, organization of 60+ information and training sessions and the RFSC Conference and development of training materials. Those activities were supported with targeted communication measures delivered via a dedicated website, social media channels and direct mailings.


European Commission