2016 - 2020

CIVITAS is a network of cities for cities dedicated to cleaner, better transport in Europe and beyond. Over 800 innovative urban transport measures and solutions in over 80 Living Lab cities across Europe since 2002 show why CIVITAS stands for City VITAlity and Sustainability.

SATELLITE functions as an anchor for the entire CIVITAS Network, coordinating and supporting ongoing and future CIVITAS2020 projects. SATELLITE supports cities to gain better access to innovative solutions to properly address transport challenges they are facing. SATELLITE will make sure the latest innovations resulting from European urban mobility research reach cities through adequate cross-project coordination and exchange mechanisms. For innovations to be properly scaled up, sufficient information on their actual impact is required. SATELLITE will further elaborate the CIVITAS Impact and Process Evaluation Framework and provide running living lab projects with support mechanisms to implement and apply this framework. Through capacity-building, SATELLITE will provide city practitioners with the necessary skills to apply innovations in their own context, while additional exchange activities will prepare for the actual transfer and uptake of these solutions through community building approaches where cities can learn from their peers. Moreover, the project enhances direct exchange and cooperation between the public and private sectors, offering a dedicated online marketplace for urban transport innovations. SATELLITE dissemination activities will promote CIVITAS successes and improve access to available solutions through a varied range of communication tools and activities. Structured networking among all CIVITAS Forum members, with the annual conference as main highlight and with strong links to language-based CIVINETs, will encourage lasting capitalisation of activities.