Marrakech Task Force Toolkit

Status Assessment Toolkit for the Marrakech Task Force (MTF) on Sustainable Public Procurement (SPP)

2006 - 2007
The project aims to promote and support the implementation of SPP by developing tools and supporting capacity building in both developed and developing countries. Specifically, the project involves the development of an online toolkit for stakeholders involved in the public procurement process to assist them with implementing SPP.
Background: The Johannesburg Plan of Implementation, established at the World Summit in 2002 calls for the development of “a 10-year framework of programmes in support of regional and national initiatives to accelerate the shift towards sustainable consumption and production”. This was materialised at the first international expert meeting held in Marrakech, Morocco, 2003, organised by UN Department of Economic and Social Affair’s (UNDESA) and UN Environment Programme (UNEP), with the launch of the "Marrakech Process". Within this process, several Task Forces have been set up, including one on Sustainable Procurement led by the Swiss National Government. One of the first tasks the SPP Task Force is undertaking is the development of an online toolkit on SPP. The toolkit is being developed by ICLEI, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the International Labour Organisation. The tool will provide users (e.g. national governments) with a status assessment to ascertain the extent to which sustainable procurement is being considered and implemented within their administration. This will in turn provide users with guidance on what their priority areas should be to enable procurement to be carried out in an efficient, effective and sustainable manner.