UrbanCommunity for Sustainable Just Cities

2022 - 2023

The UrbanCommunity project builds off of the legacy of the highly successful (ICLEI-coordinated) UrbanA project. Following an open call, the project provided nine “urban experimenters” (chosen from over 110 applications!) with micro-grants to support their work building sustainable and just cities.

Micro-grant receipients form a community that ICLEI supports with workshops and resources. They are connected to wider (global) groups of advocates for sustainable and just cities through events and online CommunityConversations. In other words: the UrbanCommunity project recognises, supports and brokers the knowledge and experiences of those who are acting locally to create sustainable and just cities.

This project is possible thanks to funding from the Robert Bosch Stiftung.

  • Urban experimenters: City of Cascais, City of Alba Iulia, “Szeszgyár” in Budapest, “peer_protocol” in Rotterdam, “Future Neighbourhoods” in Katowice, “hubRen” in London, “Neighbourhood concierges” in Padua, Pervolarides of Thessaloniki