LEA Learntech Accelerator

Smart, inclusive and sustainable demand-based development of learning technology

2018 - 2020

Based upon the findings from the IMAILE project, which conducted a pre-commercial procurement of Personal Learning Environment software, the LEA project aims to develop a critical mass of European procurers demanding innovative learning/educational technology (learntech) solution. 

The overall objective of LEA is to “speed up” knowledge transfer, dialogue and awareness raising around innovative public procurement (PPI) in the field of Education and Technology Enhanced Learning.

Specifically, the LEA project will:

  • Unify the LEARNTECH community through a European procurers’ network
  • Implement lessons learned on pre-commercial public procurement (PCP) from the previous EU-funded IMAILE project as a baseline for LEA
  • Develop a common demand policy fit for 2030
  • Enable increased dialogue between the supply and demand sides
  • Help facilitate the transfer of knowledge for relevant stakeholders of the LEARNTECH community
  • Prepare one PPI (based upon methodologies and approaches from the IMAILE project) and one additional future PCP
  • Speed up and increase awareness of personal learning environments in the field of education
  • Torino
  • Municipality of Konnevesi
  • Ajuntament de Viladecans
  • Braga Municipo
  • G√∂teborgsregionen