2022 - 2027

SHARED GREEN DEAL is a project bringing together 22 leading organisations from across Europe including eight universities, three research institutions, eight network organisations and three SMEs. The partners cover core elements of the European Green Deal cross-cutting priorities such as civil society, democracy, gender, energy, environment, circular economy and innovation. SHARED GREEN DEAL directly addresses European challenges with an aim to share actions, understandings, evidence, insights, responsibilities and benefits across stakeholders including policymakers and civil society. Issues of inclusivity and diversity are at the heart of the project to particularly account for disadvantaged and vulnerable social groups.

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SHARED GREEN DEAL is funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme and is structured around lessons from a set of 24 social experiments around six priority Green Deal topics. The social experiments will be delivered across different member states, covering different social science and humanities disciplines, with multi-stakeholder, practice-based and policy-science expertise, including gender studies as a key component throughout.

In the project, ICLEI Europe brings in expertise on working with local governments to achieve sustainability goals, while contributing specifically to the project's work on Sustainable Mobility and its engagement with stakeholders through inclusive communication activities. ICLEI also supports the work on policy analysis and the call for local Green Deal experiments that will be opened for cities and community organisations in late 2022.

The output includes the development of tools (e.g. an online Green Deal policy tracker) and SHARED GREEN DEAL is expected to deliver changes in societal practises and in the behaviour of individuals, communities, and public and private organisations. Through the development of effective new strategies, SHARED GREEN DEAL will address behavioural change and long-term commitment, trust, social acceptance and buy-in from people, communities and organisations, in support of a responsible, equitable and desirable Green Deal.

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Funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 Research and Innvation Programme.