Sustainable and Innovation Procurement

Public procurement accounts for almost a fifth of Europe's GDP, and public authorities' purchasing decisions impact millions of people through the supply chain. Sustainable procurement is about using public spending to achieve social and environmental objectives, and to strategically use the public sector's economic power to catalyse innovation in the private sector.

ICLEI has been working on procurement since 1996, assisting hundreds of cities, regions and public authorities to embed sustainable, circular and innovation criteria into public tenders directly and through collaboration projects.

Through these projects and our flagship networks, the Procura+ European Sustainable Procurement Network and the Global Lead City Network on Sustainable Procurement, ICLEI provides professional information, advice, networking opportunities, training and tools to public authorities wanting to implement better, more cost effective sustainable and innovation procurement practices.

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Sustainable and Innovation Procurement Factsheet 

Direct SPP implementation via


international projects, providing tender
advice, training, exchange and networking

Strong Procura+ and Global
Lead City Networks involving
both political decision makers
and practitioners working on
a day-to-day basis with


public authorities worldwide

More than

1,5+ tons

CO2 savings via strategic
use of public procurement



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