Sustainable Energy Systems

Current energy systems in Europe are unsustainable. They are still extremely wasteful and inefficient as well as vastly based on fossil fuels and selectively on nuclear, both creating systemic import dependencies with volatile prices, social and political risks.

With the European Green Deal and its underlying initiatives, suitable framework conditions are formed to create an interconnected, resilient and locally rooted energy system. Europe’s efforts to become the first climate-neutral continent, however, will mainly depend on enabling local and regional governments to analyse, act and accelerate the transformation of energy production, supply and use across buildings, mobility, industry and agriculture.

A structured approach is needed in order to realise sustainable energy systems and ICLEI advocates for a hierarchical combination of energy sufficiency, efficiency, circular energy flows, renewable energy, and intelligent grids.

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Sustainable Energy Systems Factsheet


"Cities and communities bear the weight of the energy crisis, and are leading ambitious action to transition away from fossil fuels and towards sustainable energy systems. Freiburg is at the forefront of this transition, and is committed to continuing to work with ICLEI to help Europe reach its climate neutrality goals."


Martin Horn, Lord Mayor of Freiburg (Germany), President of ICLEI Europe


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