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What SUMP challenges do small- and medium-sized towns and cities face?

All towns and cities developing a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan SUMP) deal with difficulties. Yet their nature differs: the challenges faced by small- and medium-sized cities are not the same as in their larger counterparts.

Recorded as part of the CIVITAS SUMPs-Up project, this podcast sheds light on the SUMP situation in a series of such locations from across Europe.

Mobility practitioners from Hengelo (the Netherlands), Sligo County (Republic of Ireland), Ghimbav (Romania), Vercelli (Italy)and on Greek islands, discuss the realities they face and give insight into the unique hurdles that they must overcome.

All the cities involved were participants in the project's second SUMP Learning Programme.

The specific topics they address are:

  • Ghimbav (Romania)- integration of their SUMP into the transport system of the wider Brasov metropolitan area;
  • Sligo County (Ireland)- institutional cooperation and how financial cuts impact on SUMP development;
  • Greek Islands (Greece)- seasonal touristic mobility;
  • Vercelli (Italy)- a lack of transport planning authorities;
  • Hengelo (Netherlands)- how to build public trust in institutions.

Listen below.

  • Hengelo (the Netherlands)
  • Sligo County (Ireland)
  • Vercelli (Italy)
  • Ghimbav (Romania)
  • Greek Islands (Greece)