Dynamic EU building stock knowledge hub

2020 - 2024

The overall aim of the BuiltHub project is to define a roadmap and vision for a FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) ​dataflow and collection enabling a thorough characterization the EU building stock​. The project aims to do so by developing a robust and resilient web-based IT Infrastructure (platform) that allows for collecting and extracting building performance and characteristics related data. BuiltHub will support transforming the data into information and knowledge by offering dedicated uses and services for platform users and beneficiaries, such as policy makers (EU, national and local authorities)​.

In the development phase of the platform, we are looking to answer:

  • How can we easily, reliably and responsibly collect data?
  • What is the most needed and meaningful data (and metadata) to be collected for an effective building stock transformation?
  • What processes will the data collected and processed support?

Drawing on and feeding into existing data sets and repositories, such as the EU Building Stock Observatory and those belonging to current and future BuiltHub stakeholders, the platform will support the establishment of a European data hub and community. This will, thereby, enable BuiltHub partners to make a succinct assessment of Europe's building stock and its progress towards decarbonisation. The assessments and approaches developed will also inform the BuiltHub Roadmap as it identifies a sustainable and responsible EU building stock data flow, storage and processing, as well as support closing the data gap.

Once finalised, the platform will serve as a web-based building stock data hub offering a data repository and information platform that is updated and used by an active network of users from all over Europe, who, with their data, are driving the energy transition and building stock transformation forward.

The following timeline is foreseen for the BuiltHub platform development:

  • IT platform alpha version available by end of 2021
  • Beta version available at the end 2022 to be populated and tested by pioneer users​
  • Optimised platform and comprehensive engaged user community by the end of 2023

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If you wish to get engaged in a discussion about sustainable building data flow in the EU with BuiltHub, or to contribute to platform design and development as a pioneer user, check out our Get Involved section or contact us directly under

Carsten Rothballer and Emilie Doran; emilie.doran@iclei.o

BuiltHub receives funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 Programme under Grant Agreement 957026.