Consumers' Understanding of Eating Sustainably

2024 - 2028

Fostering a significant 'triple change' concerning culture, the food value chain, and policy in the food sytem is crucial for ensuring that sustainable food is desirable and trustworthy for consumers.

To address the urgent need for a more sustainable food system that benefits the environment, society, and the economy, CUES sets out to transmit and present sustainability-related information. The project's goal is to guide consumer knowledge and behaviour, and to determine the persuasive cues to promote sustainable consumer behaviour most effectively.

CUES will develop nine interventions through a multi-actor participatory approach, involving consumers, actors in the food value chain, and decision makers in different European countries. The learning community, communication and behaviour change toolkits developed by CUES aim to reach at least three million consumers, increasing their consumption of sustainable food.

In this project, ICLEI Europe leads the interventions on cultural change. Five community-lead interventions will be developed in different fodo environments (physical and digital), with particular attention paid to the inclusion of vulnerable groups. The interventions will allow to develop a Behaviour Change Toolkit to foster sustainable food consumption.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement No 101136507.