Deal Engine with finance, investment and technical expertise for the Circular Cities and Regions Initiative

2022 - 2025

Effective investment and financing opportunities for circular economy projects in Europe are still few and far between. Investors need to gain trust in circular economy projects, while projects need to become less risky and bankable.

The DEFINITE-CCRI project establishes a “deal engine mechanism” – an assistance programme to help make circular economy projects bankable – to provide cities, regions and project developers with technical and financial expertise in an unprecedented and streamlined process. The deal engine will be built with investors and finance partners with the goal to secure investments in four circular economy projects of up to €20 million each.

DEFINITE-CCRI will demonstrate the bankability of high-impact circularity projects and increase investors’ trust in circular economy innovation. The project is expected to close the gap between project developers and investors and ultimately contribute to lower the use of virgin non-renewable material, reduce emissions and foster a more just and inclusive circular employment in line with the European Green Deal, the Circular Economy Action Plan and the Bioeconomy Strategy.