Hubs for Circularity European Community of Practice

2022 - 2026

Hubs for Circularity (H4C) are to be the European lighthouses of resource efficiency: through implementing best practice in industrial-urban symbiosis (I-US), the H4C are intended to achieve a systemic change in circular utilisation of resources and GHG emission reductions within given geographic areas. The European Community of Practice (ECoP) builds on and brings together ongoing work and expertise on I-US, initially supporting the H4C demonstrations funded under Horizon Europe. This project will build a community of relevant I-US practitioners (commencing with funded H4C demo projects) and develop an information and knowledge platform to enable stakeholders to exchange and take action on I-US. By creating awareness and fostering knowledge sharing between regions/cities and their industries, the H4C Platform will provide the tools and the evidence base for the approach to be adopted widely across Europe. A sustainable business model for deployment of the toolkit and services developed under the project will ensure the H4C ECoP is maintained well into the future. Working closely with its sister project H4C-Europe, the H4C ECoP consortium is confident of delivering an I-US community of practice and knowledge platform that will achieve the target of greater circularity and carbon neutrality through profitable actions that also benefit communities/civil society.