RESPIRO - Responsibility in Procurement

Procurement promoting Corporate Social Responsibility - Exchange Forum between the Public and Private Sector

2006 - 2007

To increase the inclusion of social requirements in public and private sector purchasing activities through: - Encouraging an exchange of experiences between public and private sector procurers, - Encouraging an exchange between public procurers and potential suppliers.

Amalia Ochoa Vidal

The project was designed to encourage an exchange of experiences in including social (including ethical) requirements in procurement actions both between public and private sector purchasers and potential suppliers. Two sectors were selected for particular attention in the project: construction and textiles / clothing. The project was carried out in three phases: i) Identification of best practice, guidelines, policies and standards currently available; ii) Stakeholder dialogue and development of guidance to feed expertise into the production of two guides on the implementation of socially responsible purchasing practices in each sector; iii) Dissemination of the guidance developed via translations - both Guides are available in German, French and English - and through a European conference (held in Lille, France on 3-4 December 2007).