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Furthering strategic urban research

URBAN-NEXUS will build upon and strengthen the relationship between researchers, urban policy makers, research policy makers, practitioners, SME's, and civil society organisations through engagement, collaborative prioritisation, integral dialogue and knowledge transfer.
URBAN-NEXUS will comprise t...


Local Climate Change Response

CHAMP's aim was to train and support local and subregional authorities in implementing an integrated management system for climate change mitigation and adaptation and to promote the method and the model Europe-wide.

It was a follow-up project of the Managing Urban Europe-25 project that ended i...

Green Meeting Guide

Green Meeting Guide 2009

In co-operation with UNEP and IAMLADP, ICLEI has produced a Guide to assist any organisation in reducing the environmental impacts of small and medium sized meetings (for up to 200 participants), and help leave a positive legacy in the host community.

RESPIRO - Responsibility in Procurement

Procurement promoting Corporate Social Responsibility - Exchange Forum between the Public and Private Sector

To increase the inclusion of social requirements in public and private sector purchasing activities through: - Encouraging an exchange of experiences between public and private sector procurers, - Encouraging an exchange between public procurers and potential suppliers.

Nanning (China): International Conference on Sustainable Urban Development

Research for Local Action towards Sustainable Human Settlements (RELAy)

The Nanning International Conference on Sustainable Urban Development - From Research to Action was an event of the European Union and UN-HABITAT research initiative in support of sustainable human settlements, which was the core activitiy of the RELAy Project (Research for Local Action towards Sust...