2016 - 2019

The smarticipate project aims to make engaging in the urban planning process easier than ever before.

By harnessing the possibilities of open data, smarticipate has created an innovative platform that puts the right information at users’ fingertips, allowing them to have their say on urban planning projects in their locality.

London (Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea), Hamburg (Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg) and Rome (City of Rome) are taking part in the three-year project, and have been closely involved in the creation of the smarticipate web platform.

Following the pilot phase, the smarticipate platform will be made available to other cities across the continent.

Smarticipate is the first step on a path that could change the way residents and local authorities interact – our aim is to open up the smart city!

The Platform

Smarticipate’s web platform brings users into the urban planning process in an interactive way. Users can view 2D and in some cases 3D models of their locality, comment on proposals, and make their own suggestions. Through the integration of city data sets, the platform can provide immediate feedback on the feasibility of users’ proposals.

By simplifying the process of giving input on urban planning issues, more residents can share their thoughts, concerns, and knowledge.

Local governments that adopt the platform following the trial phase will be able to tap into the ingenuity of their residents, gaining valuable ideas and insights. On a wider scale, the platform establishes a basis for the co-creation of new public services and solutions to urban problems.

Main activities of ICLEI are:

  • Contextualisation, Dissemination and Replication strategy (w/ 2 revisions)
  • Scoping report (ICT enabled open governance)
  • Project newsletter (6 total)
  • Stakeholder dialogue events (5 total)
  • European conference (Informed Cities Forum)
  • Live Case Studies (updated every 3 months)
  • Policy Paper
  • London (Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea)