2020 - 2023

Nature-based solutions are building blocks of sustainable landscapes, with the new platform NetworkNature as the cornerstone. The service launching in 2020 will gather nature-based solutions (NBS) communities, resources, projects, best practices and tools under one roof. The pioneering European platform with a global reach will create opportunities for local, regional and international cooperation to make NBS the new normal. NetworkNature’s mission is to support a global NBS community across science, business, policy and implementation through:

Enhancing the NBS evidence base

·         Gathering state of the art knowledge

·         Mapping the research and innovation landscape

·         Identifying knowledge gaps

Upscaling the use of NBS

·         Market analysis

·         Providing guidance and capacity building

·         Creating and operating new European NBS regional hubs

·         Networking with practitioners, business, investors and policymakers

Raising awareness

·         Communicating the latest findings and news in the NBS field

·         Engaging existing stakeholders and reaching out to new audiences

·         Educating younger generations to become future NBS leaders

NetworkNature will also host an online platform, with the latest research, best practice, news, events and resources on NBS. The online platform, built within Oppla, will include a search engine and a marketplace, where nature-based enterprises  can offer their products and services. To enable enterprises and researchers to upscale and connect products and services with demand, it features an incubator with a ‘match-making’ service.

ICLEI Europe, IUCN, BiodivERsA, Oppla and Steinbeis 2i have joined forces to create NetworkNature, in close collaboration with the European Commission Directorate-General for Research and Innovation and Executive Agency for SMEs. With expertise in research, implementation, business strategy, policy and communicaton, the team is well equipped to help nurture and champion the growing nature-based solutions community.

It is in our nature to network – we will expand the wider NBS community and support you in implementing and amplifying your nature-based solutions.

If you have any questions please get in touch by sending an email to  You can sign up to Oppla to be among the first to access to the new web platform when it launches, and existing members can use their current accounts.

Follow NetworkNature on twitter @NetworkNatureEU, Youtube and LinkedIn.

The project is funded by the European Commission through Horizon 2020, contract no. 887396