Aragon's REgional Hub for circularity: Demonstration Of Local industrial-urban symbiosis initiatives

2022 - 2026

The REDOL Project will foster industrial-urban symbiosis, transforming cities into hubs for circularity. It will redesign five value chains for solid urban waste (packaging, plastics, construction and demolition waste, textiles, and waste from electrical and electronic equipment) to produce 12 circular products.

Over four years of activity, REDOL will upgrade waste management technologies for the collection, sorting and classification of materials, enhance the processing routes of sorted materials to avoid landfilling and facilitate the uptake of digital tools to optimise value chains and promote the interaction among key players.

Among its results, the project will develop guidelines and recommendations for decision makers and will improve citizens’ perception on solid urban waste and recycled products, thus increasing their participation in collection schemes.

REDOL will support the transition of Zaragoza towards a zero-residues city by 2040, allowing 144.720 tons of solid urban waste being reused, valorised or transformed into secondary raw materials. This will contribute to saving over 14B€ and 280 ktCO2 per year.

  • Amsterdam (Netherlands)
  • Prato (Italy)
  • Bornholm (Denmark)