Multiple Impacts Calculation Tool

2020 - 2023

There is still significant potential to improve energy efficiency in all sectors and at all governance levels where measures can be applied. Highlighting and quantifying the additional values of energy efficiency measures and investments considering the multiple non-energy impacts could help close the "energy efficiency gap" and facilitate energy-relevant decisions and policy-making.

MICAT – Multiple Impacts Calculation Tool aims to develop a comprehensive approach and user-friendly online tool to estimate the multiple impacts or multiple benefits of energy efficiency measures. The MICATool will be introduced, anchored, and applied in “real-world” energy and climate strategies at three governance levels: EU, national, and local/regional. All three levels are actively working towards ambitious climate goals, and the Tool can help justify their actions by highlighting the wider impacts of energy efficiency measures in their respective strategies. 

The online MICATool will be available for free to help relevant stakeholders evaluate various policies and scenarios for better impact. Hopefully, the Tool will set a standard for future reporting on Multiple benefits.