Improvement of energy efficiency in the water cycle by the use of innovative storm water management in smart Mediterranean cities

2012 - 2015

Led by the Polytechnical University of Valencia (UPVLC) E²STORMED contributed to improving energy efficiency in the urban water cycle and in buildings by promoting the use of innovative storm water solutions such as Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) in mediterranean cities.
Existing integrated management tools were improved, adapted to, and tested by the cities, allowing a proper incorporation of energy reduction estimates in planning and decision making processes.

The main output of the project was the E²STORMED Decision Support Tool (DST) which is a software supporting the decision-making process in urban stormwater management. Using this tool, the advantages and disadvantages of different drainage scenarios can be compared and different decision criteria can be defined to choose the best option for urban stormwater management. The E²STORMED DST encourages a way of decision-making that is not only based on hydraulic and financial criteria, but also on energy, environmental and social criteria.

  • Comunit√† Montana Valli Grana e Maira (Italy)
  • Cetinje (Montenegro)
  • Benaguasil (Spain)
  • Hersonissos (Greece)
  • Pisa (Italy)

The project was co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).