European Public Local Authorities’ Network for driving the Energy Transition

2021 - 2024

One of the main challenges to achieve the Energy Transition objectives is to improve the coordination between local authorities and regional governments in order to optimise the decision-making process, coherence and consistency of the implementation of energy transition measures in towns and cities. Current platforms used by EU local authorities to manage Energy Transition are heterogeneous, leading to a loss of information and difficulties to share data and engage communities.

ePLANET targets the deployment of a new clustering governance for energy transition based on a digital framework to share harmonized information. 

ePLANET will facilitate and ease the deployment of coordinated energy transition actions by the public sector. The project will use the most innovative tools in artificial intelligence and big data together with an innovative clustering governance to boost Energy Transition Plans at the municipal level. Besides, it will foster the digitalisation of energy data available in dispersed data sources, of the energy transition measures and of the Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans (SECAPs), enabling an ecosystem of data and tools to support decision-making on energy transition.

  • Crete Island (Greece)
  • Girona Region (Spain)
  • Zlín Region (Czech Republic)