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Circular Cities and Regions Initiative (CCRI)

The CCRI offers support to stakeholders across Europe’s cities and regions and aims to increase synergies among projects and initiatives, disseminate relevant knowledge, and give greater visibility to best practices.


Assistant Buildings’ addition to Retrofit, Adopt, Cure And Develop the Actual Buildings up to zeRo energy, Activating a market for deep renovation.

ABRACADABRA is based on the prior assumption that non-energy-related benefits play a key role in the deep renovation of existing buildings. In particular, ABRA actions focus on the creation of a substantial increase of the real estate value of the existing buildings through a significant energy and ...


UP2030: Urban Planning and design ready for 2030

UP2030 aims to support cities in driving the socio-technical transitions required to meet their climate neutrality targets by leveraging urban planning and design.


Pathways2Resilience - Co-developing pathways towards climate resilient regions in Europe

Pathways2Resilience supports regions in developing transformative solutions to foster regions’ climate adaptation.


Unleashing the Potential of Public transport in EuRope

UPPER aims at spearheading a Public Transport (PT) revolution that will strengthen the role of PT as the flagship of sustainability and innovation of mobility in cities, leading the transition towards a zero emission mobility which will become the cornerstone of climate neutrality by 2030, in line w...

One Planet Network Sustainable Public Procurement Programme

ICLEI is a co-lead and active supporter of the worldwide uptake of socially responsible, environmentally friendly and economically sound purchasing via the United Nation's One Planet Network on Sustainable Public Procurement.

Procurement Forum

The Procurement Forum is the meeting point of international stakeholders to discuss, share, learn from one another, get a better understanding of procurement issues and improve public procurement practices.
The Forum includes over 5,000 members and offers an open space in which members are free to ...

Innovation Procurement Platform

Innovation Procurement Platform

The Platform brings together all the latest news and events on public procurement of innovation.
The Platform includes information on innovation procurement by featuring a few introduction pages on definitions of and reasoning for innovation procurement. It includes information on the legal framewo...

SP Platform

The online hub for sustainable procurement

The Platform is bringing together all the latest news, events, and resources on sustainable procurement