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Be.CULTOUR Guidebook

At a time when the tourism sector is undergoing profound transformations to become more sustainable and resource efficient, the Be.CULTOUR project shines as a guiding light for research & innovation efforts aimed at looking “beyond cultural tourism” and embracing circular approaches that foster heritage-led regional development. The present guidebook “Beyond Tourism” is a testament to the vision, innovation and the transformative power of this endeavour. Within the pages of this guidebook, you are invited to embark on a journey into the realm of circular cultural tourism. As you delve into the concepts and stories presented, you will explore theoretical frameworks, practical examples, valuable insights and recommendations stemming from the project‘s implementation in six pilot regions across Europe and resulting in Be.CULTOUR Action Plans with innovative steps for the years to come.

The intended audience of the Be.CULTOUR Guidebook includes representatives of local governments, tourism development agencies and local stakeholders from various sectors including business, academia or civil society; thinkers and doers sharing an interest in developing cultural tourism and circular economy strategies, in both rural and urban contexts. Our aspiration is that this guidebook will encourage you to undertake your own collaborative journey, advancing circular cultural tourism models in diverse contexts. We hope it becomes a valuable resource, enriching the global discourse on regenerative tourism as a cornerstone for building sustainable futures.

  • Regional Development Agency of North-East Romania
  • Verde E Moldova, Republic of Moldova
  • Regional Tourism Promotion Agency of Basilicata, Italy
  • Provincial Government of Teruel, Spain
  • Larnaca and Famagusta Districts Development Agency, Cyprus