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Position paper

ICLEI Europe's position on the Directive on Soil Monitoring and Resilience

Following the EU Soil Strategy, in July 2023, the European Commission published its proposal for a Directive on Soil Monitoring and Resilience. Unfortunately, the ambition of the Directive - even expressed by the now proposed title - does not meet the previously announced “Soil Health Law” criteria as the directive does not contain any binding protection measures / targets and it currently foresees a step by step approach by prioritising soil monitoring first and planning to suggest ...

Be.CULTOUR Guidebook

In an era of transforming tourism towards sustainability, the Be.CULTOUR project stands as an innovative guide for research and innovation, promoting circular cultural tourism. The "Beyond Tourism" guidebook, a testament to this vision, invites readers to explore theoretical frameworks, practical examples, and recommendations from the project's implementation in six European pilot regions. Intended for local governments, tourism agencies, and stakeholders, it aims to inspire collaborative effort...

Valuing indigenous and local knowledge in disaster management and nature protection

The ACCTING project, of which ICLEI is a partner, has produced a set of factsheets to support policymakers, employers, and civil society organisations in understanding the effects of Green Deal policies on vulnerable groups, and to suggest practical recommendations to mitigate these effects.
The climate crisis requires the participation of all parts of society and all knowledge resources. There is an urgent need to improve disaster prevention and preparation mechanisms, and to mitigate the impa...
Letters and Statements

Liège Declaration on Adaptation to Climate Change

On 9 February, ICLEI, alongside over 70 organisations signed the Liège Declaration - The Roadmap for Adaptation to Climate Change. The Declaration represents a collective call to action and a commitment by the signing parties to address the challenges posed by climate change. It addresses the future of the European Green Deal post-2024 and actions relating specifically to climate change adaptation, nature-based solutions and resilience.
Learn more here.
Letters and Statements

Joint letter to call for this Commission to leave a legacy of the EU’s Farm to Fork Strategy through sustainable public food procurement

In a joint letter addressed to President Ursula von der Leyen and the European Commission, ICLEI Europe and IFOAM Organics Europe, together with 15 organisations with an expertise on sustainable food systems, are urging the European Commission to leave a lasting and concrete legacy of the EU Farm to Fork strategy through sustainable public food procurement (SFP).
The joint letter highlights the critical role of SFP in realising the goals set by the EU Farm to Fork strategy and underscores its p...

Statement from the Coalition for Higher Ambition on the EU 2040 Climate Target

ICLEI and its partners from the Coalition for Higher Ambition rallied broad support for a science-based 2040 climate target. Ahead of the publication of the European Commission’s Communication on the EU Climate Target 2040 in February, members of the Coalition have prepared a joint letter calling for a science-based target of at least 90% net emission reductions to limit global temperature rise to below 1.5°C.
In the letter addressed to the Presidents of the three main institutions of...
Letters and Statements

Joint letter to Ministers calling for an EU policy framework for a just transition

21 member organisations of the European Alliance for a Just Transition, including ICLEI Europe, have signed this joint letter highlighting the urgent need to prioritise a fair and just transition, including through the development and implementation of an EU policy framework for a just transition.
The letter was sent out to Ministers for Climate/Environment, Social Affairs and Economy and Finance, as well as to Permanent Representatives of Member States to the EU, on 11 March 2024. At the end o...

How to set-up a One-Stop-Shop in your town, city or region

With the support of partners of the EU-funded Save the Homes project, ICLEI has co-created an overview of key steps local governments should consider when exploring the establishment and operation of One-Stop-Shops (OSS) for energy renovations of private houses.

How Google’s Environmental Insights Explorer (EIE) supports Aarhus’s Green Transition

This case study shows the importance of having accurate boundaries defined before starting an emission analysis. As boundaries in EIE were adjusted to the needs of the city of Aarhus, the potential of EIE for data-driven action in the city’s transportation sector has been shown.