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Case Study


A report, published by the European Commission, written with support by ICLEI, collecting 71 good practice cases on how public buyers have implemented socially responsible public procurement (SRPP), in order to promote employment opportunities, decent work, social inclusion, accessibility, ethical trade, design for all and seeking to achieve wider compliance with social standards.

KeepWarm Learning Centre

The KeepWarm Learning Centre is pooling resources and solutions on district heating in Europe and beyond. This includes a large selection of training materials developed or collected by project partners, but also reports, materials with data-sheets, analysis, policy recommendations, as well as business models, funding sources, project development and implementation steps characteristic for each of the technological solutions.
Guidance document

A guide for pollinator-friendly cities: How can spatial planners and land-use managers create favourable urban environments for pollinators?

The ‘Guide for Pollinator Friendly Cities’ was created by ICLEI within the framework of the EU Pollinators Initiative, supplies decision makers as well as practitioners of local authorities a step-wise approach to change their city into a safe haven for pollinators.

Synthesis Report | Adaptive Reuse of Cultural Heritage: An Examination of Circular Governance Models from 16 International Case Studies

This report synthesizes and illustrates the major findings of a more comprehensive research report developed by ICLEI as a partner in the CLIC project, “Circular governance models for adaptive reuse of cultural heritage.”
Guidance document

A WinWin(d) for all - The Handbook for socially-inclusive Wind Energy

This handbook, “A WinWin(d) for all,” provides guidance on how public engagement for socially-inclusive wind energy projects can be approached. It answers three core questions: "How can wind energy planning be made more inclusive?", "How can the economic benefits of wind energy be shared with society?" and "How can socially-inclusive wind energy be made the new normal?".
Guidance document

Road to replication - Guiding cities on smart urban development

This report compiles the key results and most important reflections, recommendations and conclusions on the replication process within the lighthouse demonstration project GrowSmarter.
Case Study

Devolution to cities: A case study of KL - Local Government Denmark

Many countries are debating the effectiveness of devolving governing responsibilities to cities. There is increasing recognition that many citizen-facing responsibilities, such as kindergartens, schools, elderly care, unemployment benefits, skills and job training, refugee shelter, and the integration of immigrants take place in cities under the management of municipalities. However, the fiscal capacity of cities to provide these services varies widely in different countries. For instance, conti...

Investing in Nature for European Water Security

This report illustrates how investing in nature-based solutions is critical to ensuring water security in Europe, through a combination of literature review, case study analysis, interviews, and drawing on existing experiences.