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UrbanByNature: a capacity-building and knowledge-sharing programme for nature-based solutions

UrbanByNature is a knowledge-sharing and capacity-building programme on nature-based solutions (NBS) created by ICLEI Europe. The programme’s purpose is to support the integration of nature-based solutions into communities of all shapes and sizes – metropolis or countryside.
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Policy Brief #04: A roadmap for the EU and Europe: Integrating adaptive heritage reuse in wider Eu policies, programmes and practices

In this Policy Brief, we present why adaptive heritage reuse should be facilitated by, incentivised by and integrated in a wide set of EU policies and strategies.

Policy Brief #04: Regional integration of the adaptive heritage reuse projects: Strengthening sustainable local development

In this Policy Brief, we present four models that shed light on different ways of integrating adaptive heritage reuse practices into a larger territorial framework. They were created for policy makers, heritage officers, and planners at local and regional levels of government, to help them navigate the diverse landscape of Adaptive Heritage Reuse (AHR) projects and find models that are the most suitable for their contexts.
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Manifesto for establishing minimum standards for public canteens across the EU

A manifesto aiming to inspire policy makers to establish minimum standards for public canteens in Europe.

Same, Same, but Different: clarifying the relationship between Local Green Deals and Climate City Contracts as non-regulatory governance innovations

This briefing paper clarifies our understanding of the distinctions between Local Green Deals and Climate City Contracts.
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Giving sustainability transitions the right direction: a short story about ICLEI’s work with the notion of the Common Good

ICLEI was founded on the belief that cities are the nucleus for a change towards sustainable development. Although today we have the globally agreed upon Sustainable Development Goals, the debate about what is considered to be sustainable is not concluded. It is obvious that there is an underlying question or even conflict about the access and share of available and ultimately limited resources. There are no easy answers to this question and how to come to social peace or fairness globally, nati...

ICLEI’s Vision on Youth Engagement in Global Climate Action

ICLEI aims to enhance participation of youth in climate action through proactive involvement in the activities of local governments across three pillars: (i) Advocacy, (ii) Knowledge Sharing and Capacity Development; and (iii) Governance.

Clean Fleets Guide to Procuring Clean and Energy Efficient Road Vehicles

The Clean Fleets Life Cycle Cost Calculator is an easy to use tool to allow a comparison of the life cycle costs (LCC)/total costs of ownership (TCO) of different vehicles and bids within a procurement process.
The tool is fully compliant with the Clean Vehicles Directive (CVD) (2009/33/EC). It includes the option of applying the the Operational Lifetime Costing methodology from Directive. This methodology monetises the environmental impacts of fuel consumption and tailpipe emissions

Mainstreaming prosumerism

Prosumerism has the potential to drastically contribute to climate neutrality targets and to make the energy transition socially-inclusive and beneficial for all. To support this, the PROSEU project proposes a set of policy recommendations for mainstreaming prosumerism in Europe.