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Guidance document

Manual on the integration of measures and measure packages in a SUMP - START

This manual provides support for planners in cities that are not yet familiar with sustainable urban mobility planning and who need support with where to start in the context of measure selection. As a complementary manual to the general Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) guidelines, it gives examples and suggestions on how to conduct measure selection for the first SUMP, types of measures that can be of interest for a SUMP, how to grade the measures and how to gain approval for the selected...
Guidance document

Wirkungsorientiertes Nachhaltigkeitsmanagement in Kommunen

[4 guidelines for impact-oriented sustainability management in communities (in German)]
Diese vier Leitfäden unterstützen Kommunen in ihrer Verantwortung für eine nachhaltige Entwicklung.

What is the role of visions for Nature-Based Solutions?

Nature-based solutions are often innovative ways of dealing with nature in cities. NATURVATION asked stakeholders what kinds of innovations they see on the horizon, and why visions are important.

What collaborations are needed to make Nature-Based Solutions a success?

Nature-based solutions have multiple benefits for multiple stakeholders. NATURVATION interviewed stakeholders on who can or should come together to realise nature-based solutions.

What is needed to make and keep Nature-Based Solutions a reality?

Different nature-based solutions ask for different ways of support. NATURVATION interviewed stakeholders on what they think is needed to make and keep nature-based solutions a reality. Learn more at

What issues are addressed by Nature-Based Solutions?

Nature-based solutions have multiple benefits for multiple stakeholders. PBL interviewed some of the stakeholders on the issues they see addressed by nature-based solutions for
Press release
21 January 2019

Increasing the Social Acceptance of Wind Energy: Horizon2020 project WinWind feeds policy processes across Europe

Aiming to raise the social acceptance of wind energy, the WinWind project managed to establish ongoing and evolving stakeholder and policy dialogues in selected regions with comparatively low wind energy prevalence over the last year. In Spain and Latvia, project partners were invited to share the experiences gained in feed national and regional policy making processes, ensuring the establishment of inclusive procedures.

European Resilience Management Guideline

The European Resilience Management Guideline defines an operational framework for cities that provides guidance on local resilience planning and supports their efforts in building resilience. The European Resilience Management Guideline aims to direct available resources towards defined goals, while securing transparency and the democratic principles of decision-making for city resilience development and planning.

Die fünf Schritte des kommunalen Nachhaltigkeitsmanagements

Short video about sustainability management for municipalities in Germany (processes, actions and instruments)