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Tackling the climate and biodiversity crises in Europe through Urban Greening Plans

Recommendations on implementing and operationalising Urban Greening Plans.
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UrbanByNature - the global programme for urban nature pioneers

UrbanByNature is a facilitated capacity-building programme promoting exchange among cities, researchers and SMEs and building bridges with the NBS communities in Brazil, the Caucasus, China, South America, Korea, and South-Eastern Europe. Participation in the programme is open and free of charge with new opportunities coming up regularly for other regions worldwide. New hubs are planned in Spain, Scotland and Flandres.

Cities for an Integrated Landscape Approach - Curbing Land Degradation and Restoring Europe’s Soil Ecosystems

This ICLEI Europe led position paper provides key recommendations concerning the EU Soil Strategy for 2030.

Policy Support Facility: Fostering a local just resilience - “Speeding up adaptation to reduce the risk of disasters”

The session “Speeding up adaptation to reduce disaster risk” presents local experiences of disaster risk management, with particular reference to the implementation of nature-based solutions (NBS).
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NetworkNature Factsheet - Nature-based solutions: are we restoring our relationship with nature in Europe?

To achieve a sustainable future, we should work with, not against nature to achieve global goals. Nature-based solutions are a great pathway forward. This Factsheet was produced by NetworkNature to provide an overview of some of our current societal challenges in different sectors and practical, on the ground examples of how Nature-based solutions are used to tackle them. Four case studies are presented to show how working with nature can help address climate, disaster, water, health and communi...
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NetworkNature Factsheet: Seizing opportunities for ecosystem restoration to tackle societal challenges

This factsheet explores the potential of ecosystem restoration actions to halt and reverse the degradation of ecosystems. Building on the outcomes of the last NetworkNature semester theme on Nature-based solutions for Ecosystem Restoration, the factsheet provides an analysis of several restoration projects carried out in diverse ecosystems, and addressing multiple challenges. It concludes with a list of recommendations, resources and opportunities moving forward to ensure that restoration action...
Guidance document

NetworkNature Knowledge Brief: Taking nature-based solutions up the policy ladder - from research to policy action

This Knowledge Brief produced by NetworkNature aims to disentangle the complexities associated with the integration of research and policy with regards to nature-based solutions (NBS) implementation and mainstreaming. The brief provides an overview of the NBS knowledge gaps resulting from an analysis by NetworkNature of a large number of research publications, an online consultation and strategic dialogues with key stakeholders. This can support policymakers in better understanding the research ...

UrbanByNature: a capacity-building and knowledge-sharing programme for nature-based solutions

UrbanByNature is a knowledge-sharing and capacity-building programme on nature-based solutions (NBS) created by ICLEI Europe. The programme’s purpose is to support the integration of nature-based solutions into communities of all shapes and sizes – metropolis or countryside.

Guidelines for co-design- ing and co-implementing green infrastructure in urban regeneration processes

These practical guidelines offer general and transferrable guidance on how to initiate, steer and organize collaborative co-design processes for local nature-based solutions (NBS), together with multi-dimensional stakeholders in any given city. They target anyone aiming to lead, organise or facilitate participatory multi-stakeholder engagement processes for NBS, especially municipal representatives. Taking the local and varied co-design processes executed in the EU-funded proGIreg project's Livi...