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Investing in Nature for European Water Security

This report illustrates how investing in nature-based solutions is critical to ensuring water security in Europe, through a combination of literature review, case study analysis, interviews, and drawing on existing experiences.

European sustainability award launched at Change the Change conference

Win 10,000 EUR and be recognised as a European leader of sustainable urban transformation with the 2019 Transformative Action Award

What is the role of visions for Nature-Based Solutions?

Nature-based solutions are often innovative ways of dealing with nature in cities. NATURVATION asked stakeholders what kinds of innovations they see on the horizon, and why visions are important.

What collaborations are needed to make Nature-Based Solutions a success?

Nature-based solutions have multiple benefits for multiple stakeholders. NATURVATION interviewed stakeholders on who can or should come together to realise nature-based solutions.

What is needed to make and keep Nature-Based Solutions a reality?

Different nature-based solutions ask for different ways of support. NATURVATION interviewed stakeholders on what they think is needed to make and keep nature-based solutions a reality. Learn more at

What issues are addressed by Nature-Based Solutions?

Nature-based solutions have multiple benefits for multiple stakeholders. PBL interviewed some of the stakeholders on the issues they see addressed by nature-based solutions for

Local authorities urged to join EU process for improving quality of life in cities at Bonn event

The Italian municipality of Bologna called for local authorities attending Open European Day 2018 in Bonn
(Germany) today to join them in contributing to the EU Urban Agenda