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Local Alliance Letter to EU Leaders to stay the course on Green Deal implementation

Local Alliance, European networks of local and regional governments, representing cities and regions ranging from the smallest rural towns to the largest metropolitan capitals across all EU Member States, wish to underscore the importance of staying on course to implement the European Green Deal under this and next mandates of the European Commission. European local and regional governments have already embarked on the journey to climate neutrality and started to transform our cities and regions, as well as ways of living, heating and cooling, housing, mobility, producing and consuming for millions of European citizens. We are writing to you to reiterate our networks’ support and readiness to implement and scale up the transition to climate neutrality if enabling framework conditions for the local level are guaranteed.

Local Alliance is comprised of eight local networks, including ICLEI Europe, ACR+, CEMR, Climate Alliance, EnergyCities, EUROCITIES, FEDARENE and POLIS.


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