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Cities for an Integrated Landscape Approach - Curbing Land Degradation and Restoring Europe’s Soil Ecosystems

Healthy soils are vital to life on earth itself, providing the foundation for biodiversity and food supply. Within the scope of the European Commision Commisson's EU Soil Strategy for 2030, published November 2021, this position paper explores this vital framework, while acknowledging gaps in the strategy and providing key recommendations for policy makers. Reaching the EU’s goals on land and soils will not be achievable without the strong involvement and support of local and regional governments.

In this position paper, the reader will learn why urban soils are important, what the urgency is in furthering EU's soil strategy, drivers of degradation, policy implications, and lastly the role of cities in implementing the key recommendations outlined. Explore this brief to further to learn more about the role of local governance and cities in curbing land degradation and restoring Europe's soils.


Philipp LaHaela Walter and Roger Roca Vallejo