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New resources to help support innovation in the bio-based sector

16 March 2018 00:00 - Freiburg, Germany

The European InnProBio project has now come to an end following a three-year term. This has seen the finalisation and publication of several new reports including a practical handbook tailored to the public sector to support public procurement.

The Handbook on public procurement of bio-based products and services provides practical advice on how to go about purchasing bio-based products (or services using bio-based products), by specifically looking into the pre-procurement, tendering and post-procurement phases. Information about different relevant public procurement procedures is also made available. The Handbook is available in English, German, Polish and Dutch.

The InnProBio Handbook forms part of the online Toolbox developed for public buyers by the same consortium. The Toolbox has been designed as the starting point for public buyers to get informed about the various bio-based products available on the market and how to buy them through a public procurement process. A range of instruments are available in the Toolbox, such as good practice examples, sample ‘tender text blocks’ and other useful material, such as factsheets, glossary and information material, which can be used when putting together tender documents.

Moreover, the consortium prepared a set of recommendations for decision makers and standardisation bodies, which describe barriers and provide meaningful proposals on how to use public spend more strategically to help spur the bioeconomy.

By harnessing the potential of public procurement to foster innovation, the InnProBio consortium has been working with the public sector to develop tools for public procurers, with the aim of opening up new markets for bio-based products in Europe.

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Moritz Westkämper