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A WinWin(d) for all - The Handbook for socially-inclusive Wind Energy

Wind power plays an important role in the energy transition. However, aside from market, policy, technical, and geographic factors, a lack of social acceptance has a considerable negative impact on the rollout of wind energy projects. Too often benefits are perceived to be reaped by external investors with little, or no positive impact on local communities, and there are increased concerns about the environmental consequences of wind parks.

This handbook, “A WinWin(d) for all,” provides guidance on how public engagement for socially-inclusive wind energy projects can be approached. It answers three core questions: "How can wind energy planning be made more inclusive?", "How can the economic benefits of wind energy be shared with society?" and "How can socially-inclusive wind energy be made the new normal?".

The handbook will be made available in German, Spanish, Latvian, Polish, Norwegian and Italian.

English, German, Italian, Latvian, Polish, Spanish, Basque, Norwegian