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Policy Brief #03: Financing the adaptive reuse of cultural heritage: Enabling complementary financing instruments for bottom-up initiatives

In this Policy Brief, we present recommendations for policy makers, heritage officers, and planners, at national and sub-national levels of government. These recommendations aim to support the implementation of adaptive heritage reuse projects. The recommendations are based on our work in the OpenHeritage project and in particular our reports on policy and the governance dialogue.

Financing the adaptive reuse of cultural heritage is a challenging undertaking and requires the orchestration of complementary funding sources to cover both renovation and operational costs. This Policy Brief has been developed from the perspective of bottom-up initiatives active in areas, where fundraising efforts tend to face particular barriers. Although heritage regeneration is often seen as a heavy bill someone has to pay, adaptive reuse projects can become dynamic value generators for surrounding areas and their communities. We hope to inspire public and private actors to embrace mixed approaches by providing examples of different financing models as well as clear and applicable recommendations for their implementation.