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CLIC Pilot Local Action Plans: One Approach, Diverse Outcomes

A unique approach to address adaptive reuse of cultural heritage in a circular way was developed and tested. It brought together unlikely stakeholders in a structured process through so called local Heritage Innovation Partnerships (HIP) in four pilot areas, to harvest knowledge about local cultural assets, test project-developed tools and methods, and propose mutually-agreed upon pathways to transform a defunct cultural heritage asset into a new living system. This co-creation process resulted in a Local Action Plan for Adaptive Reuse of Cultural Heritage.

This report is a summary document organized into two parts: the first part briefly presents the Heritage Innovation Partnership/ “Local Action Plan” development process in each pilot area by reflecting on the vision, primary objectives, and some critical actions that emerged from that process, as well as the key challenges, innovations, and outcomes. The second part reflects on the HIP process and the considerations needed to optimize it as a replicable collaboration model for adaptive reuse of cultural heritage throughout Europe – and beyond.

  • Salerno
  • Rijeka