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Green Meeting Guide - Roll out the Green Carpet for your Participants

The environmental footprint of meetings large and small is gaining increasing attention world-wide from the Olympic Games to a concert in a local town-hall - the United Nations is no exception. Indeed the UN, with its global, regional and national activities is perhaps one of the most active conveners of meetings in the world - from the General Assembly in New York to small groups of experts gathering in, say, Africa, Asia or Latin America.

Thus, the UN has a special responsibility to set trends in this respect and to assist others in becoming green conference and meeting organisers within the context of their national or local circumstances. United Nations Environment has produced this Green Meetings Guide in partnership with other organisations and experts, to share the lessons learnt, and to propose clear and easy steps for replication in other gatherings within or outside the UN system.

What the guide recommends for UN meetings will certainly also apply to meetings held by any other organisation. Local governments across the world, for example, are also responsible for hosting and arranging a very large number of meetings
each year. This guide provides a valuable tool for helping them to organise these meetings in a sustainable manner.

This guide was prepared by ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability under the supervision of United Nations Environment.