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Policy Brief #02: Collaborative Heritage Reuse: Enabling strong partnerships

In this Policy Brief, we present recommendations for policy makers, heritage officers, andplanners at national and sub-national levels of government, as well as other initiators of adaptive heritage reuse projects. These recommendations aim to support the implementation of adaptive heritage reuse projects in Europe. The recommendations are based on our studies in the OpenHeritage research project and, in particular, our report on the OpenHeritage Observatory Cases.

The Observatory Cases, including videos and detailed analyses, can be found on the OpenHeritage website. The interactive OpenHeritage Database includes further information on each Observatory Case

Adaptive heritage reuse is a complex undertaking and involves various stakeholders. The variety of actors involved presents a challenge as well as an opportunity. NGOs, local communities, public bodies, private investors, heritage professionals and others all have different interests and priorities and it is not easy to reach consensus. At the same time, coming together to form effective and efficient partnerships for adaptive heritage reuse can yield many benefits and create sustainable and vital cultural spaces within our cities and for our communities. We hope to inspire actors to embrace collaborations across fields by providing examples of different partnership models as well as clear and applicable recommendations for their implementation.