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Local Climate Change Response

CHAMP's aim was to train and support local and subregional authorities in implementing an integrated management system for climate change mitigation and adaptation and to promote the method and the model Europe-wide.

It was a follow-up project of the Managing Urban Europe-25 project that ended i...


Public Procurement Boosts Energy Efficiency

The project aims to harness the buying power of public authorities to drive the market for innovative environmental technologies. A partnership of public authorities from 6 European countries will undertake large-scale joint procurement of technologies to secure a higher market share for the most en...

ICT for EE

The contribution of ICT to Energy Efficiency: Local & Regional Initiatives

This project was commissioned by European Commission (DG Information Society and Media) in collaboration with the Committee of the Regions. It is a pan-European research and dissemination project focusing on local and regional initiatives for promoting energy efficiency through the direct and enabli...

Fostering SPP in Brazil

Fostering sustainable public procurement in Brazil (Fomentando Compras Públicas Sustentáveis no Brasil)

The project aims to implement sustainable public procurement (SPP) policies and measures in three pilot governments: State of São Paulo via the Secretary of Environment, State of Minas Gerais via the Secretary of Planning and the City of São Paulo via the Secretary of Environment. The project focu...


TEEB (The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity) Study - D2 Report for Administrators

The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB) was a major international initiative - financed by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, the European Commission, UNEP and several other partners - evaluating the global economic benefits of sustainable use of ecosystem services and cons...

LG climate mobilization post-2012

Local Governments’ mobilization and backing for the development and implementation of a global and comprehensive post-2012 climate change agreement

The project "Local Governments’ mobilization and backing for the development and implementation of a global and comprehensive post-2012 climate change agreement” (Europe Aid) is co-funded by he European Commission and the Norwegian government.

This project has seven emerging economy countries...

Biofuel Cities

Biofuel Cities - Co-Ordination Action Biofuel Cities European Partnership (CAB-CEP)

Biofuel Cities is a forum for the application of biofuels. Open to all stakeholders in the area of biofuels for vehicles, it seeks to integrate European research and pilot application of biofuels for vehicles with a focus on application at the local level. Biofuel Cities works to build a European pa...


Bicycle Policy Audit

BYPAD is an instrument enabling municipalities to evaluate and improve the quality of their local cycling policy. The instrument is based on the methods of total quality management. Target groups in the current project BYPAD Platform (2006-2008) are regions (BYPAD-region) and small towns (BYPAD-loca...

"A Future with Zero CO2 Emissions" Conference 2006

15 - 17 May 2006 in Stockholm, Sweden - European conference for local governments on climate protection

The conference aimed to intensify political commitment and present practical
strategies that have been effective, encouraging replication in the region and throughout the world. Attended by local stakeholders, the business sector and youth were highlighted as groups essential for involvement in v...