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Biofuel Cities

Biofuel Cities - Co-Ordination Action Biofuel Cities European Partnership (CAB-CEP)

Biofuel Cities is a forum for the application of biofuels. Open to all stakeholders in the area of biofuels for vehicles, it seeks to integrate European research and pilot application of biofuels for vehicles with a focus on application at the local level. Biofuel Cities works to build a European pa...

Sustainable Procurement Guidelines for UNEP

Sustainable procurement guidelines for IT equipment, Office Furniture, Stationery, and Cleaning Products and Services

In co-operation with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), ICLEI developed guidance for sustainable procurement by the United Nations. The guidance is specifically for office IT equipment, office furniture, office stationery (paper, paper consumables, writing implements, and toner cartrid...

Green Meeting Guide

Green Meeting Guide 2009

In co-operation with UNEP and IAMLADP, ICLEI has produced a Guide to assist any organisation in reducing the environmental impacts of small and medium sized meetings (for up to 200 participants), and help leave a positive legacy in the host community.

EU GPP Training Toolkit

Development of a Training Toolkit on Green Public Procurement

A toolkit designed to provide any European public authority with advice and information on the straightforward implementation of GPP, including a management model for gradual implementation, advice on the legal framework, and purchasing recommendations for 11 high-priority product groups

Promotion of EU Ecolabel to public procurers

Raising awareness of the EU Ecolabel Brand amongst Procurement Practitioners in the Member States and promoting the use of the EU Ecolabel criteria throughout the procurement lifecycle

The project is directed towards both public purchasers and their regular suppliers and aims to raise awareness and promote the use of the EU Ecolabel criteria in public procurement, and throughout the supply chain. The project intends to support the ongoing work of the European Commission on the rev...

Input to the Quality of Life Report of the European Environment Agency (EEA)

Ensuring Quality of Life in Europe's Cities and Towns tackling the environmental challenges driven by European and global change

Contribution to the development of the "Ensuring Quality of Life in Europe's Cities and Towns tackling the environmental challenges driven by European and global change" Report


Dissemination of energy efficiency measures in the public buildings sector

The DEEP project promoted opportunities in improving energy efficiency through high environmental standards for public office buildings. European public procurement criteria and guidance for building materials, insulation standards, and green electricity were developed. The project also produced the...

Marrakech Task Force Toolkit

Status Assessment Toolkit for the Marrakech Task Force (MTF) on Sustainable Public Procurement (SPP)

The project aims to promote and support the implementation of SPP by developing tools and supporting capacity building in both developed and developing countries. Specifically, the project involves the development of an online toolkit for stakeholders involved in the public procurement process to as...

GPP Costs & Benefits

Collection of evidence related to the costs and benefits of green public procurement (GPP)

The overall goal of this study was to collect evidence on the economic and administrative costs and benefits of GPP versus procurement of non-green (or conventional) products by national governments and individual purchasing authorities.