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Clean Fleets Project

Clean Fleets was aimed at assisting public authorities and fleet operators to purchase clean and energy efficient vehicles, in line with the requirements of the Clean Vehicles Directive (CVD)

The LANDMARK project

Moving towards socially responsible procurement

The LANDMARK project enabled European local authorities to act as key drivers for the promotion of fair working conditions in global supply chains for certain products purchased by the European public sector. By changing the consumption patterns of public authorities, the living and working conditio...

Sustainable Timber Action (STA)

Promoting fair and sustainable forestry through procurement

Sustainable Timber Action (STA) assisted European public authorities in making sure the wood/timber products they buy are produced and traded in a sustainable and fair way. Public authorities purchase significant amounts of timber products, from construction material to furniture, from packaging to ...


Supporting the market for energy efficient central information technologies (IT)

Supporting the market for energy efficient central information technologies (IT)


Sustainable Construction and Innovation in the European Public Sector

The SCI-Network aimed to drive innovative and sustainable construction through public procurement. The project produced a guide containing a series of procurement recommendations, together with an accompanying "snapshot" case study collection.

The project was a collaboration between European cit...


Euro-Topten Plus

Topten is a consumer-oriented online search tool, which presents the most energy efficient appliances in various categories of products. Within the current phase of the initiative ICLEI is developing guidance for public procurers, to help them purchase the most efficient products on the market.

"Creating Landmarks" in Germany on green procurement

Anchoring green public procurement principles in curricula of training academies

The project will provide a customised and user-oriented training concept on green public procurement (GPP) for teachers and curriculum leaders from public administration training institutions in the form of train the trainer approach.

Lecturers and trainers from training academies across Germany...

ISEAL Research

ISEAL Research Consultancy - The use of sustainability standards in sustainable public procurement

ISEAL Alliance, the global association for sustainability standards, in collaboration with ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability, is conducting a series of interviews with a worldwide range of public sector entities. The purpose of these interviews is to undertake field-level research in or...

Update and revision of Buying Green!

Update and revision of Buying Green! A Handbook for environmental public procurement

Since its publication in 2004, Buying Green! has become one of the most influential documents in the promotion of GPP across the EU. It serves not only as a practical tool to assist public authorities in implementing GPP, but also has been of considerable use to national governments and other Europe...