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GPP 2020

GPP 2020 - Mainstreaming low-carbon procurement

GPP 2020 aimed to mainstream low-carbon procurement across Europe in support of the EU’s goals to achieve a 20% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, a 20% increase in the share of renewable energy and a 20% increase in energy efficiency by 2020.

To this end, GPP 2020 implemented more than 100...


Procurement of eco-innovative catering

INNOCAT aimed to bring together a group of public and private buyers to publish a series of tenders for eco-innovative catering products, services and solutions.


ENIGMA - Enlightenment & Innovation Ensured through Pre-Commercial Procurement in Cities

ENIGMA is a FP7 project that aims to implement a joint transnational pre-commercial procurement (PCP) procedure in the field of public lighting. Coordinated by the city of Eindhoven, the project’s 5 partner municipalities (Eindhoven, Malmo, Stavanger, Espoo and Bassano del Grappa) cooperate on pro...


PRIMES - Green Public Procurement

The project aims to develop basic skills and provide hands-on support for public purchasing organisations in order to overcome barriers and implement Green Public Procurement. This will support a reduction in energy use and CO2 emissions.


PROBIS - Supporting Public Procurement of Building Innovative Solutions

The PROBIS project implemented a series of innovative energy efficient building refurbishment solutions within four pilot public procurement processes.
Solutions were implemented in Torino, Lombardy, Borlänge and Miskolc.

PPI Platform

European Public Public Procurement of Innovation Platform

The potential for the use of public procurement as an instrument to stimulate innovation has received growing emphasis in Europe in recent years. Representing 16% of European GDP, public procurement is a key source of demand and a major area in which governments are striving to improve effectiveness...

ISEAL Research

ISEAL Research Consultancy - The use of sustainability standards in sustainable public procurement

ISEAL Alliance, the global association for sustainability standards, in collaboration with ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability, is conducting a series of interviews with a worldwide range of public sector entities. The purpose of these interviews is to undertake field-level research in or...

Clean Fleets Project

Clean Fleets was aimed at assisting public authorities and fleet operators to purchase clean and energy efficient vehicles, in line with the requirements of the Clean Vehicles Directive (CVD)


Systemic energy renovation of buildings

The objective of iNSPiRe is to tackle the problem of high-energy consumption by producing systemic renovation packages that can be applied to residential and tertiary buildings. The renovation packages developed by iNSPiRe aim to reduce the primary energy consumption of a building to lower than 50 k...