Buy Better Food

Buy Better Food Campaign for sustainable food on the public plate


The Buy Better Food is a European advocacy campaign which focuses on public food procurement as an important driver of food system transformation towards a sustainable, healthy and fair food system in the European Union, in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the EU Farm to Fork Strategy.

This campaign is focused on describing, boosting and amplyinging local dynamics to catalyse the attention of European policy makers in Brussels on the potential of public procurement. In fact, the campaign focuses on empowering subnational advocates to improve the policy framework at the EU level, making more visible and impactful the examples of good public procurement practices that already exist at the local level and their relevance for the entire European continent.

By 2030 Europe's food system is healthy for both people and the planet, based on sustainable and fair food production on healthy land, providing healthy food for all.

Public procurement is a vehicle for significant change of the EU’s food systems, in line with its commitments under the UN SDGs. By 2024 this will be reflected by the European Commission’s legislative framework for Sustainable Food Systems which will include mandatory criteria to buy better food for the health of the planet, people and future generations, and a clear pathway for achieving this.

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Giorgia Dalla Libera Marchioli