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Road to replication - Guiding cities on smart urban development

This guide concludes with a set of recommendations for decision-makers in local and regional governments to accelerate the adoption, replication and upscaling of smart city measures in their territories. These conclusions are:

  • Achieve scale by being socially and environmentally more comprehensive and ambitious
  • Govern smart developments effectively through the Integrated Management Cycle
  • Achieve meaningful replication by building on existing city targets, processes and plans
  • Embed smart measures into the core of urban planning
  • Ensure new staff capacity and a cross-departmental approach
  • Create an open alliance for Smart City applications
  • Align and ally with national and regional energy and climate policies
  • Make technical validations comparable to enable impact investments
  • Find synergies with other SCC projects to implement more resource efficiently
  • Develop location-specific innovation schemes
  • Determine scalability based on experience of demonstration projects
  • Budget public participation and stakeholder engagement in your implementation plan
  • Allocate resources to mobilise public and private finance as well as create and maintain partnerships

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