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Executive Summary – Fit-for-55+: Powering up a sustainable and fair energy transition in Europe

This Executive Summary provisdes a snapshot of the key principles and recommendations underlying ICLEI Europe's organisational position (February 2021) on the European Commission's revision of the Renewable Energy Directive (RED II).

In sum, ICLEI welcomes the planned revision and sees it as an unprecedented opportunity to solidify and amplify the measures already foreseen, while strengthening the provisions to reach a 38-40% renewable energy share of gross final energy consumption by 2030.

Local governments' abilities to support and leverage the full potential of their communities will be crucial to meet EU objectives. Any revised RED II and, in particular, any transposition at the Member State level, must strengthen and continue to facilitate appropriate frameworks, mandates and resources for local governments to implement ambitious actions, by taking to heart four key pillars:

  1. leveraging multi-level governance;
  2. accelerating implementation on the ground;
  3. fostering integrated, cross-sectoral approaches; and
  4. increasing support to local and regional governments to speed-up the energy transition.