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Position of LGMA Constituency towards UNFCCC COP28: #MultiLevelActionDelivers in Action

The Local Governments and Municipal Authorities (LGMA) Constituency has released its official position in the lead-up to COP28, which includes ten requests as part of a call to action for COP28. The LGMA is the voice of cities and regions in the climate negotiation process. Every year at COP, the LGMA brings a clear set of priorities and a call to action for the Parties to the Paris Agreement, the COP Presidencies and the UNFCCC. With ICLEI as the focal point, and with leadership from Regions4, European Committee of the Regions, and the Under2 Coalition, the LGMA has put forth its position for COP28. Subnational governments and their networks are now invited to sign on in support.

The position lays out the key messages designed for local, regional and subnational governments in the LGMA constituency, empowering them to advocate collectively in the lead-up to and during COP28. The position also contains key messages in “UN language,” suitable for direct inclusion in the COP28 decision documents.