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Conclusions from implementing integrated infrastructure in smart cities

This report describes the conclusions that followed the implementation of eleven measures under the topic of Integrated Infrastructure in the GrowSmarter project in its’ three “Lighthouse Cities” of Barcelona, Cologne and Stockholm.

The report begins with a general introduction and overview of the measures, before proceeding with short descriptions for each measure. Lessons learned and general conclusions are described by topic illustrating potential barriers or opportunities to
implementation, and contain recommendations for each topic. The general conclusions are summarized, and recommendations are given for different stakeholders on how to facilitate and accelerate roll-out of Smart Solutions.

The topic of integrated infrastructure, in particular the work with data, contains many enabling measures that have no directly visible influence on energy or CO2 savings or mobility impacts. Costs for these measures may be high at first with low numbers of users, but the up-scaling may be easily achieved and may have a large impact later on.

Each measure forms part of 12 “Smart Solutions” within the GrowSmarter project. In Chapter 4, recommendations to the European Commission, local governments and private companies are collated and discussed with reference to each Smart Solution. These findings inform the general conclusions of this report, which include the identification of challenges and opportunities related to:

  • Administrative processes, laws and regulations (within countries, and in terms of variation between countries);
  • Business models and issues related to gathering, use and ownership of data;
  • User behaviour etc.