Climate Neutral Cities

Cities consume more energy than rural areas and emit more greenhouse gases but house half the world’s population on a fraction of the land. Both high population density and high urban emissions make bold climate action in cities possible and essential.

This need is reflected in ICLEI’s dedicated Climate-Neutral Cities Task Group that supports cities through numerous ambitious projects, including the EU’s ‘Cities Mission’ – aiming to deliver more than 100 climate-neutral and smart cities across Europe by 2030.

Selected ‘Mission Cities’ (112 in total) across the EU and in Horizon Europe partner countries receive tailored advice and support to accelerate their journey to net zero. Benefiting from its broad network and unique expertise, ICLEI plays a key role in this mission with partners through NetZeroCities, the core mission platform.


"Cities are centres of great potential—and unlocking this will be vital for both their own sustainability and our climate. Turku is already taking bold and urgent action to reach climate neutrality before 2030 and, as an EU Mission City, is ideally placed to innovate and collaborate on this challenge with cities across Europe and beyond."


Minna Arve, Member of ICLEI's European Regional Executive Committee
Mayor of Turku (Finland)



countries through ‘CapaCITIES’to bridge policy gaps

 between cities and national governments.



cities to develop their Climate City Contracts

on the EU Climate-Neutral Cities Mission.



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