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Press release
28 March 2018

Comprehensive heat and cold profiles of key EU Member States published

Heat Roadmap Europe (HRE), an EU-funded research project, has published datasets providing insight into the structure of the heat and cold supply in the EU and individual Member States. These publicly available datasets can be used by national and regional authorities and industry as the basis for strategic energy policy development and the European Commission in the next stages of its Heating and Cooling Strategy process.
HRE’s datasets break down information into digestible formats whic...

Local authorities urged to join EU process for improving quality of life in cities at Bonn event

The Italian municipality of Bologna called for local authorities attending Open European Day 2018 in Bonn
(Germany) today to join them in contributing to the EU Urban Agenda
Press release
28 February 2018

2018 Transformative Action Award launched at Urban Future Conference

The 2018 Transformative Action Award was launched today during the opening day of the Urban Future Conference in Vienna (Austria) by ICLEI Regional Director and Transformative Action Award jury member, Wolfgang Teubner.
The award, organised by ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability, the Basque Country and the City of Aalborg (Denmark), rewards ongoing or concluded Transformative Actions that use the 15 pathways outlined in the Basque Declaration to achieve the socio-cultural, socio-...
Guidance document

Buying Sustainable Timber - A guide for public purchasers in Europe (2nd Edition)

This guide provides clear recommendations to help European public authorities in making sure the wood/timber products they buy are produced and traded in a sustainable and fair way. It includes criteria which can be used directly in tender documents, as well as guidance on the development of a sustainable timber policy.

RUGGEDISED Smart City Project - Animated

Animated presentation of the RUGGEDISED smart city project, funded by the Horizon 2020 programme of the European Union.

SCI-Network Snapshots: Procuring innovative and sustainable construction

A collection of best practice "Snapshot" examples of innovative and sustainable construction procurement from across Europe. Published to complement the SCI-Network Guide.

SCI-Network Guide: Procuring Innovative and Sustainable Construction Solutions

The aim of this guide is to help public authorities become “innovation friendly” in their construction procurement – to help them access the potential environmental, economic and social benefits that innovative construction solutions can bring. It offers guidance both on how best to set up your procurement process to encourage innovation and also offers information on different ways to finance investments.

Clean Fleets Life Cycle Cost (LCC) Tool

A tool to help procurers to calculate the life cycle cost (LCC) of vehicles, with an option to also calculate the cost of environmental externalities according to the methodology laid out in the Clean Vehicles Directive (CVD)

Life Cycle Costing State of the Art Report

This report introduces the reader to the concept of life cycle costing (LCC) and its current status and latest developments.
The report includes clarifications on the concept of life cycle costing and analysis and total cost of ownership. In specific, it refers to the new EU public procurement Directives, which clearly includes and defines the use of LCC within the public procurement process.
Finally, the report identifies existing LCC tools and best practices with the scope of inviting procur...