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SCI-Network Snapshots: Procuring innovative and sustainable construction

A collection of best practice "Snapshot" examples of innovative and sustainable construction procurement from across Europe. Published to complement the SCI-Network Guide.

SCI-Network Guide: Procuring Innovative and Sustainable Construction Solutions

The aim of this guide is to help public authorities become “innovation friendly” in their construction procurement – to help them access the potential environmental, economic and social benefits that innovative construction solutions can bring. It offers guidance both on how best to set up your procurement process to encourage innovation and also offers information on different ways to finance investments.

Clean Fleets Life Cycle Cost (LCC) Tool

A tool to help procurers to calculate the life cycle cost (LCC) of vehicles, with an option to also calculate the cost of environmental externalities according to the methodology laid out in the Clean Vehicles Directive (CVD)

Life Cycle Costing State of the Art Report

This report introduces the reader to the concept of life cycle costing (LCC) and its current status and latest developments.
The report includes clarifications on the concept of life cycle costing and analysis and total cost of ownership. In specific, it refers to the new EU public procurement Directives, which clearly includes and defines the use of LCC within the public procurement process.
Finally, the report identifies existing LCC tools and best practices with the scope of inviting procur...
Guidance document

Market Engagement best practice report

Guidance on how to engage suppliers at different stages of the procurement process to help you get the best solution to your procurement needs - including examples from public authorities around Europe

Circular Procurement Best Practice Report

This report gives an overview of the meaning of Circular Procurement and explores concepts and ideas related to the topic, including references to circular procurement examples.
The report includes reference to three priority focuses for circular procurement: the focus on services instead of products, a focus on the product's design, use phase and end of life and a focus on market dialogue. It includes a section on the benefits of applying circular procurement and some examples of circular proc...
Guidance document

Clean Fleets Guide to Procuring Clean and Energy Efficient Road Vehicles

Guidance on how to procure road vehicles with high environmental standards in compliance with the Clean Vehicles Directive (CVD)
Guidance document

Performance / Output Based Specifications Best Practice Report

This report aims to explore and explain Performance / Output Based Specifications (POBS) for Performance Based Contracting, reporting successful practices and outlining benefits and potential challenges. 
The report explains the concept of Performance Based Contracting, looks into how this has been developed throughout time and reports a few successful best practices. Among these, Guy's and St Thomas' Hospital Trust procuring an energy performance contract; the Danish Municipality of Heden...
Case Study

Smart City Factsheets

Set of smart solution factsheets developed in the GrowSmarter project. Topics range from Low Energy districts to Integrated Infrastructure and E-mobility.